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Aqua Neat Aquatic Herbicide -----equivalent brand ----- Rodeo
For use on emerged aquatic weeds and brush in aquatic and other non-crop
sites. Water soluble liquid mixes easily with water. Must use Induce non-ionic
surfactant with it. Induce has aquatic use label.
Aquasweep ----- NEW PRODUCT ----- Expanded label ----- equivalent brand ----- Chaser II
2,4-D plus Trichlopyr. Newly expanded label for use to control unwanted trees
and brush, as well as annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in many settings
including sod farms, ornamental turf,pastures,road sides etc. Also labeled for
control of emergent, floating and submerged aquatic weeds in ponds, lakes,
marshes, reservoirs etc. Post patent equivalent label of Chaser II.
Barricade .48% on DGPro
Barricade provides excellent preemergent control of crabgrass and other listed
annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. With DGPro carrier, the product coverage
is enhanced as the DGPro "disappears" upon contact with water leaving the
Barricade dispersed. Mainly used in landscape beds but is labeled for turf as well.
Dimension 2EW
Liquid formulation for use on established lawns, sod farms, container and field grown
ornamentals and landscape beds. Provides preemergent control of the many annual
grasses and broadleaf weeds. Also has post emergent activity on crabgrass up to the
3 leaf stage.
Dimension Ultra WSP
Same active ingredient and control properties as listed above in Dimension 2EW but
packaged as water soluble packets for ease of use. No measuring or spilling.
Diquat 2L ----- equivalent brand ----- Reward
Landscape and aquatic use. Same active ingredient as found in Reward herbicide.
Element 4 ----- equivalent brand ----- Garlon 4 Ultra
Trichlopyr for control of woody plants and annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in
non-crop sites such as forests, pastures and rangelands. Mix with penetrating oil/dye
for best results.
Escalade 2
Premium 3-Way herbicide including Fluroxypyr to help control the hard to control
weeds like Black Medic,Oxalis,Knotweed,Plantain,Thistle and many other broadleaf
weeds listed on the label.
Nonselective weed control of emerged weeds in noncrop areas.
Fusilade II T&O
For the control of grassy weeds in landscape beds,nurseries,greenhouses,flower beds,
and ground covers. Can be applied over the top of many plants to control the grasses
without harming the desirable plants. Check label for specifics.
Horse Power Selective Herbicide
A non-2,4-D alternative containing MCPA,Trichlopyr and Dicamba to help control
hard to control weeds. Rotate with 2,4-D products to comply with state 2,4-D
requirements of 2lbs a.i./acre/year maximum allowed.
Imazuron DG ----- equivalent brand ----- Sahara DG
A dispersible granule mixed with water to be sprayed on noncropland where bare ground
is desired. Acts as a soil sterilant for up to a year depending on weeds present, soil type,
application rate, soil temps and precipitation. Ideal for storage areas,utility,pipeline rights
of way etc. See label for additional specifics.
MecAmine D ----- equivalent brands vary
Selective 3-way broadleaf weed control in turf grass including sod farms. Also labeled for
highways, rights of way and other similar non-crop areas. 2,4-D, Mecoprop-p and
Dicamba combined to control dandelions, clover and many other broadleaf weeds.
Millenium Ultra 2 (non-residential use only)
Selective 3-way broadleaf weed control in turf grass including sod farms. Contains 2,4-D,
Clopyralid and Dicamba. ***Not labeled for use on home lawns***
Prodiamine 65WDG ----- equivalent brand ----- Barricade 65WDG
Sprayable preemergent for annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. For use in landscape
beds, established turf grass including sod farms along with established perennial and
wildflower plantings. Can be applied in fall after soil temp is below 50 degrees but before
ground freezes. Will release as soil thaws for effective early spring preemergent control.
ProDeuce (Glyphosate + Prodiamine)
Preemergent and post emergent non-selective activity on many broadleaf weeds and grasses.
Glyphosate will kill existing vegetation and Prodiamine will set up preemergent barrier
to aid in stopping the annual weed seeds in the soil from germinating.
ProSedge----- equivalent brand ----- Sedgehammer
Controls yellow and purple nutsedge and certain other broadleaf weeds like horsetail.
Controls nutsedge by moving through the plant and affecting the underground growing
points (rhizomes and tubers)
QuinGuard DF ----- equivalent brand ------ Drive 75 DF
Post emergent control in turf of large crabgrass and smooth crabgrass and several other
annual grasses. Also effective post emergent control in turf of many broadleaf weeds.
Dry flowable product designed for spray application. Labeled for a wide range of turf sites
such as residential and commercial establishments, athletic fields, golf courses and sod farms.
Razor (Glyphosate)
Broad spectrum non-selective herbicide for industria,forestry,turf,vegetation management
and ornamental weed control. Addition of nonionic surfactant will enhance results.
Round Up - PROMAX 1.67gal
Improved formulation of Glyphosate with 5.5lbs ai/gal and high loading of surfactant
for superior results.
Round Up - QuikPro
Non-selective sprayable formulation of Glyphosate and Diquat Dibromide
for quick burn down and complete control on non-crop areas and industrial sites.
Granular is easy to mix with water, reduces spilling potential and wont freeze.
Non-selective quick burn down herbicide. Can be used alone or mixed with Glyphosate.
Visible results are noticed within hours. When mixed with Glyphosate there is a synergistic
reaction which allows quick burn down and still has systemic activity with the Glyphosate
Snapshot DG
Trifluralin and Gallery on DGPro carrier. Superior placement of preemergent on soil with DGPro
virtually disappearing on contact with water leaving complete barrier in place.
Spoiler ( non Dicamba )
3-Way herbicide - 2,4-D,Mecoprop-p and Dichlorprop-p. This non-Dicamba blend has
excellent results without the concerns of Dicamba carryover in trees and woody ornamentals.
Herbicide used for selective contact and residual control of weeds in ornamental turf.
Tordon RTU
For controlling unwanted trees via cut surface treatments in forests and non-crop areas
such as fencerows, roadsides and rights of way.
Trammel 5% on DG Pro ----- equivalent brand -----Treflan .5G
Utilizes DG Pro technology to evenly disperse preemergent to control crabgrass, annual
grasses and some broadleaf weeds. For use on landscape ornamentals. Not labeled for use
on turf grasses.
Three Way Jet Spray
3-way herbicide in aerosol can. Includes a foam marker to see where you've sprayed. Ideal
for spot spraying while walking around lawn or while on mower as weeds are spotted.
Triplet ----- equivalent brands vary
Selective 3-way herbicide containing 2,4-D,Mecoprop-p and Dicamba. Standard 3-way
with excellent control of many broadleaves.
Tupersan 50 W
Siduron is an effective preemergent that is used at time of seeding that will control
germination of summer annual grasses and broadleaf weeds without interrupting the
germination of the desirable turf grasses. Used mostly in Hydro seeding machines and

sprayers with adequate agitation.




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